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In this section you will be able to find case studies based on real events and understand why PILMIC suits make a difference when it comes to preserving life under extreme conditions...

Canada rescues the ship's master and two sailors alive under hypothermic 'shock' when they were shipwrecked in waters at 0.9 degrees Celsius

He was fishing 450 kilometers southeast of
  Newfoundland  (Canada), in NAFO waters - North Atlantic Fisheries Organization. Source:

Newfoundland case


The Newfoundland Sea

The Newfoundland area, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and 450 kilometers from land, is characterized by the accumulation of a large number of halibut and cod.


With an area of more than 115,000 square kilometres, it is characterized by having particularly difficult waters to navigate at this specific time of year.


In fact, there are some studies that estimate that there could be up to 40,000 icebergs in the area, which complicates the tasks of sailors who must leave for that area.

The subarctic climate of the entire area means that temperatures in winter are between -5 and -30 degrees Celsius.


The tragic end of the fishing vessel El Villa de Pitanxo is one of the many incidents that occur regularly in the dangerous waters of Newfoundland.

From being the area where the mythical Titanic sank, to surpassing the technology of current ships and leading them to meet the same fate.

It is known for being an area, where "if you fall, you die". Phrase coined by the community of sailors who work in the area.

The rate at which adverse weather conditions occur is so fast that it doesn't give marine workers enough time to take cover.

Once in the water, everything is said. The low temperatures generate a rapid hypothermic shock and the sailors are simultaneously dragged in different directions by the large waves.



Thanks to its DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, PILMIC  It has all the necessary characteristics to preserve life in conditions as extreme as those present in the waters of TERRANOVA,  and their peers.

PILMIC immersion suits have exclusive brand manufacturing, which allows a castaway to maintain body temperature for a long period of time, staying afloat constantly.

The rapid access to the equipment means that a person can put on the suit in 40 seconds, avoiding, even in the event of a fire, suffering a burn, and then jump from a height of 10 meters, evacuating the boat quickly if necessary.

PILMIC exceeds and sets a new STANDARD within the industry, becoming an essential suit on every boat.

You can learn more about PILMIC TECHNOLOGY by clicking here

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